Winter 2009 Drama Season

So, I’ve had a few commitments lately and haven’t had the time to blog, apologies.
Happy New Year everyone!

And onto the dramas,
At first glance, the lineup looks interesting, with a medical mystery [Voice] in the Monday 9 timeslot instead of a soppy romance. Interesting, no? Change of tactic by FujiTV after the last two romance dramas [Taiyo to Umi, Innocent Love] failed to produce high ratings? Maybe…
Voice: ヴォイス
Begins: 2009-Jan-12
Stars: Eita, Ikuta Toma [yeah, they had to throw in a Johnny’s…]

But then, of course, the romance appears in the Tuesday 9 slot with Mei-chan no Shituji and like a stupid fangirl, I’m jumping the bandwagon before I’ve even seen the previews…
So, I’m clearly going to watch this…
[But, come on, Mizushima Hiro [HKJ], Sato Takeru [Bloody Monday] and Eikura Nana [Proposal Daisakusen]…]
Mei-chan no Shituji: メイちゃんの執事
Begins: 2009-Jan-13
Stars: Well, you know…

mei-chan no shitsuji

Triangle catches my eye next. No, there are no particular male idols to help move along the storyline here, but this one may only need it’s storyline…
Triangle: トライアングル
Begins: 2009-Jan-06

And last but not least, Love Shuffle. Tamaki Hiroshi and Matsuda Shota are a welcome addition to Karina and DAIGO however, for some reason, I have this strange sinking feeling about this drama. It looks like another over hyped drama which could end up like Innocent Love. Huge hype- huge fail…


What to watch? Well, as usual it’s up to you….


~ by hugglez on January 5, 2009.

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