I’m currently watching…

I’M CURRENTLY WATCHING: Hotaru no Hikari, Galileo and Hachimitsu to Clover.

Finally, I took time off and sat down and watched a drama. Properly.

As in, I sat down and watched it from start to finish without skipping or watching on fastforward. Only happens when I come across a good drama. Hasn’t happened in a loooong time.

Hotaru no Hikari ホタルノヒカリ- I’m up episode two, thankyou to DoReMii for hardsubbing this series :).

First impressions:

Well, it’s not your typical romance drama. I liked the nice beginning and the different sides we get to see of Hotaru.

But as all asian dramas would have it, the predictablility of drama kicks in. Takano (her boss) is thrown into a situation which literally forces them to HAVE to live together. Sound familiar? Think Hana Kimi- Sano and Mizuki HAD to share a room, HYD- Makino and Domyouji COUDLN’T get out of that elevator and Nodame Cantible- Nodame and Chiaki HAD to live next door…

So there it is, the situation which forces them to have to accept each other. Neither of them like it, one of them bends first and starts to like the other. The other might take a bit longer, but finally realises the good qualities which he/she has fallen in love with…

“sigh” Asian dramas.

But, that’s what makes us love them…:P

To continue or to drop? Continue, definitely! This is a pretty good first impression, but I hope the rest of the series will stay this way…

Galileo-  ガリレオ thanks to SARS-Fansubs for subbing this!!! I’ve just started and onto episode three

First impressions:

It’s not the typical romance drama, but I decided to give this drama a try, I mean, why not? It had good ratings and a SP made…

The scientific explanations behind each and every case made me want to keep watching. I loved how everything makes sense at the end but from episode three, I can see the episodic pattern of each episode. I had really wanted to watch different genre of drama apart from romance dramas, I tried Kurosagi but didn’t get the kind of mystery drama I was expecting.

To continue or to drop? I’m going to continue with this…

Hachimitsu to Clover- ハチミツとクローバー thankyou SARS-Fansubs again!!!

Dropped this at episode one… sorry to those who loved this…but I didn’t like it….sooorrrryyy

To continue or to drop? Well, drop.


~ by hugglez on October 6, 2008.

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