Nodame Cantible – [のだめカンタービレ]


Nodame Cantible – [のだめカンタービレ] 

This romance story is quite different to others. Well, there is no scheming, evil antagonist who tries to break them apart, instead they  are their own enemies (in a way…).

Synopsis: Noda Megumi or Nodame is an extremely talented pianist studying at the Momogaoka College of Music. However, her only problem is her well-trained ear, she prefers to play by ear instead of reading the score. She is quite a messy character with junk strewn all over her room that loves to eat. Chiaki Sinichi is the total opposite. While he is also extremely talented in piano and violin, he dreams of becoming a conductor. An arrogant multi-lingual perfectionist who once lived abroad in the music capitals of the world as a young boy, he feels mired in Japan because of a childhood phobia.

And as the story goes, they fall in love (OMG, NO WAY!). While Nodame is head over heels for him, Chiaki takes a little longer to love Nodame’s weird characteristics. Both of them really help each other to explore music in different ways.

– Nodame Cantible (JAP): ROMANCE, COMEDY

Stars: Ueno Juri, Tamaki Hiroshi

Eps: 11 + 2SP

Subs: SARS-Fansubs


Well, if you love piano as much as I do, I guarantee you will love this drama. However, if you’re not so much into classical music and music, this drama will definitely capture your interest anyway. It was an inspirational drama for pianists. It made me want to sit at the piano and not stop practising for hours. I guess, if you’re into romance, you don’t get much of that here (it’s more focused on the music). Comedy? Well, in some parts…

Favourite moments:

– S-Oke and the first ever performance of Beethoven’s 7th AND of course, the final performance of Beethoven’s 7th with R-S-Oke.

– The performance of Rhapsody in Blue   

“da da da DA….” (small section from Rhapsody in Blue)


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  1. I play the piano, so I love this drama a lot =D

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