Don’t worry about it…it’s a HYD thing…

You’re a serious die-hard HYD Japan fan when:

1. Amongst your friends, whom most are HYD fans, you’ve often talked/speculated/analysed every episode in such language which is normally used in a medical assessment report.

2. You know what happens in each episode, like the back of your hand. If you knew math as well as you knew HYD, you’d probably get 100% in each exam.

3. You have the theme songs on your iPod and continously listen to them on loop. You probably know the words too.

4. You have watched the series at least three times through and you can keep on watching it and never get sick of the plot.

5. You yelled at your TV/ computer screen when Umi-chan was being such a b…err cow, by telling Domyouji that she was going out with him (well, you probably already know which episode I’m talking about bt it’s Season 2, Episode 10). You probably also hated this character’s guts.

6. You often visualise yourself in HYD.

7. You have posters/ CDs/ DVDs/ pictures/ photos of the cast and selected HYD screen shots of you’re favourite moments.

8. You’ve yelled “ARIENAITTSU-NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

9. You’ve watched other dramas, compared them, but NOTHING beats HYD.

10. You’ve read the above and you know, if not everything, for the most part, it’s all true.


~ by hugglez on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “Don’t worry about it…it’s a HYD thing…”

  1. haha yes, that’s all me. NOTHING can compare to HYD. even HKJ with its ikemen can never take the top spot of this dorama in my heart.

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