Proposal Daisakusen – Operation Love [プロポーズ大作戦]

Proposal Daisakusen – Operation Love [プロポーズ大作戦]

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

Synposis: Iwase Ken realises a little bit too late that he really loves his childhood friend, Yoshida Rei. But, she’s getting married to another man. Ken watches the slideshow and really wishes he could go back and fix the past. As asian drama goes, a FAIRY (who lives in the church) appears and grants him a second chance to go back and try to win her heart.

– Proposal Daisakusen (JAP)

Stars: Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi), Nagasawa Masami

Eps: 11 + SP



This was probably the best Yamapi drama. I’ve watched him in Kurosagi and Code Blue, but I thought that PD had to be his best acting. I enjoyed the storyline of this drama and the way that the drama-makers treated the idea of a second chance at life/love. The SP had to be one of the best SP’s ever. The ending of the series definitely did not end right but the SP really finished it off properly. The theme song, 明日晴れるかな (Ashita Hareru Kana), just matched with the overall theme of the drama.

Favourite Moments:

– Episode 2 has to be my favourite. Coming in close second would have to be ep 4- the second button!!!!


I have to say, I thought KEN was going to get married!!! I mean, he was wearing a much better suit than in the series (vest!!!). When he picked up Rei and she said she was going to get changed in the limo, I thought: “Eh? How can you put on a WEDDING DRESS in such a small cramped place????” But no, turns out to be Tsuru and Eri’s wedding….


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One Response to “Proposal Daisakusen – Operation Love [プロポーズ大作戦]”

  1. awesome movie even though im filipina i love operation love !

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